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The items featured here are illustrative of the styles available rather than available stock, so if you would like to purchase an item please contact me via email at with your requirements. Additionally items featured in the gallery pages may be available to order. Payment for goods can be by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. Delivery charge is a flat £5 for orders under £50. Further items are also for sale at

Table lamp   Table lamp   Table Lamp
Table lamps in mahogany and oak with striking purpleheart feature.
Purpleheart is a South American Hardwood that is naturally purple in colour.
These pictures are illustrative of some of the designs available; please contact for current stock or to order a specific style. Dimensions 12 x 35 - 50cm
Price range £50 - £80

The following series of bowls are all turned from English Holly, obtained from some substantial trees on the edge of Dartmoor and also from Killerton House. Holly features fascinating grain patterns and colours, ranging from almost white through a range of shades of light browns and grey through to green. These bowls have all been turned whilst the wood was green (i.e. recently felled and still full of sap). They have then been left to dry over a period of several months, before being finished with a soft wax polish. During the drying process the natural stresses in the wood have resulted in deformation, with the majority of bowls no longer being round. Whilst the majority remain whole during the drying process, some may crack, in which case the voids are filled with a contrasting coloured epoxy resin.
Price typically in range 20 - 30 depending upon size and features.

Desk TIdy / Open pot in pink pearwood
10 x 6.5 cm
Item PdF291 
Tower of Hanoi Mathematical Puizzle
Complete with instruction leaflet and the legend behind this fascinating game. Endless hours of frustration when you forget where you are!
Base and discs made from a variety of hardwoods and finished with a soft wax polish. Colour and type of wood may vary from that in the picture.
Approx 21 x 7 cm
Shallow bowls in mixed hardwood
These random effect shallow dishes typically include walnut, oak, mahogany, ash, cherry and other hardwoods.
Price in range 10 - 20 depending upon size and mix of woods