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Taking Care of your Woodturning

Wood is a natural material that will adapt to its' environment, therefore avoid extremes of humidity or temperature. In extreme cases wood will deform and even crack. Wood will change colour with age and exposure to sunlight, therefore try to keep items out of direct sunlight - a sunny windowsill is not usually the best location!

Items are normally finished with one of three options: food grade oil, wax polish or a lacquer. Food grade items can be safely wiped with a damp cloth or briefly washed in warm soapy water. Should you wish to re-oil them, then choose a suitable food-safe oil, for example walnut oil. Avoid normal vegetable oil or olive oil, as these can go rancid. Items should not be washed in a dishwasher or left immersed in water. Items finished with a wax polish can be rebuffed, although the wood really needs re-nourishing occasionally with fresh polish. Although any polish can be used, a high quality polish, such as Fiddes or Briwax is recommended over the silicone spray type polishes found in supermarkets. Lacquered items can be rebuffed, but should they lose their gloss then repolish as above.

Lamp information

All lamps are fully CE marked and tested to latest regulations. Lampholders, unless otherwise stated, are brass, switched bayonet cap. Cable on lamps is 3 core gold coloured, length is nominally 2 meters and terminated with a white 13A plug fused at 3 amps. Lamp bases are finished in baize. Any lampshades in pictures are for illustration only and are not included in the price. Lamps are intended for the UK market, but alternative fittings may be available to suit other countries; please contact to enquire.


Special care should be taken with wooden candle holders, and, as with all candles, they should never be left unattended when lit, avoid the temptation to fall asleep by candlelight, don't let children use them unsupervised, and extinguish them before they start to burn out. Take care that hot molten wax does not run onto delicate materials.


Unless otherwise stated, items are hard wax polished. Dimensions are to the nearest centimeter and given as diameter x height.  All wood types and item descriptions are given in good faith.