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I welcome the opportunity of undertaking commissioned work. The items in this gallery are examples of work that has been especially commissioned. Please contact me via email at with your enquiry for an informal discussion.

Pair of bedside lamps  A matching pair of bedside table lamps, with a solid core of mahogany, layered with oak and mahogany and having ebony and yellow varnish wood inserts on the front face.
Pair of bedside lamps  This segmented vase is some 20 inches high and was constructed from staves of Iroko, interlaced with contrasting strips of walnut. The top and bottom rims are also walnut. Pictured before despatch, this vase now graces a home in Texas.
Pair of bedside lamps  This lovely little segmented bowl was commissioned for a wedding present. Built up from some 50 individual pieces of walnut, mahogany and oak, it is around 8 inches across and proudly sits in another home in Texas.
Childs Play Kitchen  Another diversion from the lathe! This child's play kitchen was commissioned by Pennywell Farm to go in their toddler village. The table and benches were constructed from reclaimed pine, whilst the fitted kitchen unit features a 6 burner hob, double oven and twin sink, all robustly constructed from baltic pine.
Bell-shaped Gavel  Commissioned by a local group of campanologists, this bell-shaped gavel will hopefully keep the group in order!
Recipe Book Holder This recipe book stand is made from oak all reclaimed from a kitchen re-fit, with the turned base and stem from worktop offcuts and the frame from old oak paneling.
Cremation Ash Urn A most unusual commission. This lidded pot is an urn for ashes from a cremation of a loved one. It is sufficient size to hold the ashes from an adult.
Pair of Indian exercise clubs  A pair of Indian exercise clubs in Beech
".The wonderful club exercise is one of the most effectual kinds of athletic training known anywhere. The exercise is in great repute among the native soldiery, police, and others, whose caste renders them liable to emergencies where great strength of muscle is desirable." Excerpted from INDIAN CLUBS, by C.R. Treat, 1869, in The Riverside Magazine For Young People 
Pair of bedside lamps  A set of 10 miniature skittles measuring around 2" high in reclaimed beech.
Pair of bedside lamps  A wooden rolling pin, laminated from beech, with an inner core of mahogany.
Pair of bedside lamps  Not quite made on the lathe, but this attractive and very solid coffee table was made from offcuts of oak worktop from a kitchen refit.
Pair of bedside lamps  The legs for this little brass-topped table, sitting around 4" high, were turned as a 60th birthday present to replace a set that had been given decades ago and now long-since missing.
Pair of bedside lamps  Not quite my normal work and materials, but this made-to-measure unit now covers a very unattractive back-boiler. Constructed by laminating thin layers of MDF to give the required size with minimum of material waste.