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After turning what must have been the worlds thickest, heaviest and most badly finished bowl whilst at school, plus a couple of quite respectable table lamps, skills lay dormant for a good 30 years, until turning restarted with a surprise visit from Father Christmas with a lathe in his sack, or was it from my wife - obviously for good behaviour, or perhaps to keep me out of her hair!

Amidst a busy career and home life, skills and style have slowly developed over the years, and whilst early work often centered around articles turned from green wood, (i.e. recently felled), latterly more work has emerged based upon laminated forms, usually built up from a variety of different woods.

Much of this in the form of table lamps, where coloured veneer and small pieces of contrasting wood, such as ebony and yellow varnish wood all add to the interest.

Wherever possible wood is reclaimed, with discarded furniture, timber from building work, offcuts from larger woodworkers, together with fallen timber, all being common sources. Reclaimed wood often has unique features, some might say defects, such as rusty nail holes and so forth, which all add to the interest. Where wood is purchased for specific purposes, it is always from renewable sources.

Artists Statement
From a very early age I have been an immensely practical person, who enjoys experimenting and making things both of beauty and with a functional use. Whilst my career gave opportunity to design with functionality in mind, little can beat the wonder of working with such a magnificent natural material as wood, with the stimulation and fascination of the ever-changing colour, grain, texture and smell.

In designing my work I seek to create interest through the choice of woods, both in terms of colour and grain, often adding dimension to this through the combination of contrasting or complementing colours, whilst finally adding yet another dimension through the generation of geometric shapes that emerge along the contours of the conjoined woods.

My current work is seeking to develop distinctive styles and objects, built up from a variety of different woods. There are two particular challenges, the first being in the initial design, where the appearance of the finished article has to be conceived and related to the colours and dimensions of individual layers and pieces, with this being carried forward into the actual turning. The second challenge faced is in the precision of the preparation of individual pieces of wood, where absolute accuracy is required to achieve balanced and symmetrical finished items.