Amazing Grace


Amazing grace is perhaps the only way that we can describe the way in which God has so blessed us as a couple. On this page we share some of the ways in which His grace has been so poured out upon our lives.
"He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the mud and mire, and set my feet upon a rock, and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth." Psa 40:2-3


Our testimony of the Grace of God in our lives

Deserted as a baby by alcoholic parents, raped as a teenager, an adulterous relationship arising from a search for Father, all brought a supposedly strong marriage to breaking point. Peter & Jill bring a testimony of God's love, grace, healing and restoration as they tell with extraordinary honesty how the words of the Psalmist are still as true as ever in the twenty first century. Their blunt and powerful story tells of how God took two broken people and their shattered marriage, bringing about a miraculous healing and leading them to realise that with God nothing is impossible and that no situation or person is beyond the redemptive love and power of Christ.

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Recorded in Longview, Texas, September 2012.

Celebrating 40 years of Marriage

Beside the sea Click to listen

Once upon a time was you and me
Thought we knew what love was gonna be
Walking hand in hand beside the sea
But life, it never works that easily

The waves of life, they crashed upon the sand
Drifting out, I let go of your hand
We were drowning in the ocean, lost at sea
Drowning in the ocean, you and me

We thought it all was over but the sun would rise again
We thought it all was over but a new love would begin
When all hope was lost, we were found (in Him)

Now when we look into each other's eyes
That's all it takes for us to realize
What a miracle we're walking in the sand
Walking by the ocean hand in hand

Written & sung by Paul & Ashley du Feu for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary in 2014.

Swinging seat
- a reflection on Abba, Father, or in today's language - Dad

Swinging on the swinging seat, sat next to my Dad,
I looked at Him and said, “Can I really call you that?”
“What a silly thing to say”,
but when your dad is Awesome God, Redeemer, Holy, Mighty, Victorious,
somehow it makes you think, yet he is my Dad, Abba, Father, Daddy,
because he said so, and I know so.

Swinging on the swinging seat, I told Him all my news,
How beautiful the trees are, up on the hills afar,
About the colours in the flower bed, and the carpet made of grass;
He didn’t call me silly, or any such thing;
He listened to me quietly, taking it all in.

Swinging on the swinging seat, His peace is all around,
How I love His presence, which oozes out His love,
The sun is dappled through the trees,
the birds that fly across my path are made by his hand too,
apples falling from the tree; His fruit abounds for all.

Jill du Feu
9th September 2004

A little plumbing job

2011 saw human frailty catching up, with the need for a heart bypass operation. You can read the story of God's amazing grace as He lead us through from diagnosis to recovery.

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